Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trip to Mcdonald's

Took the kids to McDonald's to help raise money for the school. They were supposed to have teachers running the place and the kids could get served by there own teachers. For doing this the McDonald's would donate 20% of the take for the night. Got there and -no teachers! The kids didn't mind and went to play on the indoor jungle gym. I struck up a conversation with another child's mom. Noticed a kid with a burger king paper crown running around. Thought it was odd and didn't think any more of it til we get ready to leave and my boy john is wearing it. A Little boy comes out and says to me , "I gave it to him, Tyler is my friend". Cool. Apparently the kids name was Landon. He had it written in on his crown. His last parting words to my boy were "Hey Tyler, tell your dad to erase my name and tell him how to spell your name on it."
How did that kid know I don't know how to spell John Tyler's name? Was it the way I looked?

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