Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jesus's Sign

I was talking to a person who is learning sign language and she showed me the sign for Jesus. You place your open palms toward each other and then with one hand extend your middle finger and touch the middle of the other palm and then with your other middle finger touch the middle of your other palm. I immediately protested that if that's the sign for Jesus than that's seriously screwed up!! (This is the part of my rant I like to call, "That's really screwed up, once I explain.")
The touching of the palm w/ fingers is to signify the wounds Jesus received when he was nailed to the cross. O.K.- How about John Lennon's sign being 5 fingers pointed at the chest to signify the mortal wounds he received? Or maybe extended fingers under your chin to signify the shotgun blast that almost removed Kurt Cobain's head? You see what I'm getting at. That's really screwed up once I explain it.

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