Friday, May 22, 2009

Tiger Den Dad

My son Johnny came home the other day with a sticker that had the cub scouts logo on it. The sticker said sign ups for cub scouts was tonight at his school. Apparently The Boy Scouts came to his school and gave a presentation of what the cub scouts do. They told them they camp, shoot B-B guns and shoot bow and arrows. It sounded so cool I wanted to join, and did! I am now a den dad and will coordinate my sons pack. We went to our first meeting and they gave a presentation of what we would do and all the activities. Sure has changed since I was a kid and now they allow the other kids from within your family (even girls-ewwwwwww) to camp out and share in the fun. Circle-circle-dot-dot-now I have my cootie shot. I was going to ask the troop leader if when the other boys come over for a meeting will they know to take off their pants or am I supposed to ask them to do this but Christy reminded me some people do not like my brand of humor so I kept quiet. Johnny had no problem asking his question. His was, " will we stay up all night fighting all the bears, wolves and tigers with our bows and arrows and b-b guns all night when we sleep out in our tents or will we get to sleep? Good Question!! Troop leader Jim had no good answer for that one. I guess I'll have to read up in the tiger manual about that. My marine corps manual doesn't cover that scenario either. The pack leader asked me if I had been in cub scouts and I told him I had and went on to be a webelo. He asked why I quit and then I remembered it was because our pack leader had been endicted for embezzlment. He said , "Yeah, things like that will happen." Sort of made it sound like it happens all the time. Glad I did'nt make the joke about pedophile cub scout leaders.

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